A little bit about the therapist...

I grew up in Metro Detroit.  I attended Michigan State University, graduating with a degree in Psychology.  After which, I completed my Masters in Social Work, concentration in Interpersonal Practice Mental Health, at the University of Michigan.  While I worked full-time in the field of social work/mental health, I decided to go back to the University of Michigan to obtain my Masters in Business Administration. 

I always knew that I wanted to "help people," as cliche as that might sound.  There was no other option for my life than to devote myself to encouraging others, supporting them during their most difficult times, and providing them the tools to find a renewed sense of happiness or purpose.

I have a very diverse background in the field of social work/mental health.  I wanted to ensure that I obtained the most knowledge possible, as to feel comfortable in addressing all types of issues that my clients might face.  The following are some of my roles throughout my years as a mental health professional:  inpatient psychiatric therapist, outpatient therapist for survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault, community-based therapist for those struggling with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders (substance use disorder primarily), behavioral health case manager, clinical social worker on an internal med floor, and medical social work supervisor at a hospice company.

The goal of opening my own private practice was to serve my clients in a way that is most beneficial to them, not limited by outdated, rigid practices or being confined to a chaise lounge in a stuffy office.  I want therapy/life-coaching to be an experience that works for each client in whatever way she or he sees fit.  I am dedicated to optimal service and extremely excited to put a new spin on the field of mental health and wellness.